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IMS International supports the implementation of fully integrated, Enteprise Asset Maintenance Management System (EMS) that helps asset owners and service providers to ensure that assets contribute to the business objectives, at the lowest operational cost, with minimal interruption over the lifespan of the asset, or longer.

We achieve this by managing the financial, operational, maintenance and risk aspects of the assets and by implementing predictive and condition-based maintenance. We provide you with the flexibility to optimize yield (output), availability, spare parts, logistics, resources, etc. in the short term and over the complete lifecycle of the asset.

Solutions can be fully integrated with enterprise (ERP) environments, can be stand alone, or be delivered as services from our central control room.

Cloud computing, use of smartphones, handhelds, tablets and real time monitoring are all available.

IMS supports customers with developing and implementing asset management strategies. We also perform specialist analyses (e.g. condition assessment, failure prediction, root cause analysis etc.) and support the execution, monitoring and continuous improvement of operational plans and activities.

Flow Diagram


Asset & Maintenance Management should be connected with and contribute to the corporate strategy and results in a measurable way.
To improve stakeholder confidence in the services or products produced by an organization that implements our solutions.


We want to support clients with the optimization of Asset & Maintenance Management based on intelligence, resulting from data, expertise, skills and experience.
We want to provide solutions that visibly work for our clients.
We want to support customers with achieving business goals enabled by optimized use and maintenance of its physical assets.